Gilding and Upholstery

   Workshop Day~ Eight  hour workshop

Choose one of the resin  furniture frames  in this work shop each piece  of

the French  Rococo  style furniture will make  a beautiful  prop or back drop for

any 40 to 50 cm   fashion doll. Workshop encompasses the art of gilding, applying

gold imitation leaf  to the frames, assembling padding and inserting fabric upholstery

Price is worked on chosen furniture frame, all supplies are include  in workshop price

Rococo  Chaise Lounge   $110.00  

Rococo Chair  $110  

Dressing Stool  $100.0

Rococo  Modesty Screen $130.00

Rococo Dressing Table & Seat  $165.00

This class  needs no advanced skills and will be complete on the day.

All measurements are of resin frame with out the padding

Resin frame height   25.5 cm  (10’’)     length   35 cm  (13 3/4’’)

Resin frame width   13.5 cm     ( 5 1/4’’ )  frame seat height  10 .5 cm  (4 1/4’’

Height with seat  13 cm (5 1/4’’)      Resin arm height  18 cm  (7 1/2‘’)

     Over all Height  40.5cm    (16’’

Table to Frame top  22 cm  (8.5’’)

   Floor toTable Height 18.5 cm   (71/4’’

Side Width  20 cm  - ( 8’’)

Height resin frame only

11 cm     (4 1/4’’)

Width12.5 cm    (4 3/4’’)

Depth  8.5 cm    (3 1/4’’)

Height resin frame only

12.5 cm     (5’’)

Height with seat

15 cm  (6’’)

Width18.5 cm    (7 1/4’’)

Depth  12.5 cm   (5’’)

Decorative support

18.5 cm    (7 1/4’’)

Height      30 cm   (12’’)

Width         13 cm  (5’’)

Depth         13 cm  (5 ‘’)

Arm height  18 cm  (7’’)

Seat frame height  

10 cm  (4 /14’’)

Seat height

12.5 cm   (5 1/4’’)

Height  50 cm   (19.5’’)

Width   37 cm    (14.5’’)

French Rococo Dressing Table

Styled for 11to12’‘Fashion Doll

Students will complete a 13 x 6” French Rococo dressing table with wing mirrors made in resin. Catherine has scaled the dressing table to complemet a 11-12”  Fashion doll. In class you will learn paint antiquing techniques, apply decal and hand craft miniature tassels. You will complete the table by attaching the wing mirrors with brass hinges.

Students will need to bring, one ½” and one fine paint brush,

fine sewing needle and sharp scissors.

Time allowed  5 hours       

Cost  $145.00

Dressing Table, displayed with Screen and Stool

From the nursery toy cupboard comes the Ring Masters top hat, Victorian Harlequin clown and Tumbles the circus monkey. Catherine will share her skills in millenary with each student completing the ring masters pre blocked felt top hat, decorate it with a colourful circus hat band and progress on to assembling  filling and dressing the pre stitched Harlequin clown rag doll. The Harlequin is dressed in a printed silk gown, organza ruffles and  to complete her ensemble a bi-con hat.

Included in the class Tumbles the monkey his fez and bunting, come as a kit to complete at the students leisure, with skills learnt in class.

Top Hat head circumference 14.5 cm

Pre-stitched Harlequin Rag Doll  Length - 8 cm

Tumbles The Monkey Kit and Fez   Length - 8cm

Silk Bunting  45 cm string   2 Display poles  13 cm Tall

Small box will be provided for the top hat & dolls journey home.

Duration:   3 hours    Cost $98.



Floral Embellishments

With Catherine Mather

One-Day Class


From a delicately wired fairy halo to the floral cascade of a brides bouquet, floral embellishments add that spot of interest to any figurative work. In this class learn to cut, shape and assemble a range of different style and size flowers and greenery. Working with silk, velvet and vellum assemble and wire briar roses, pansies, orange blossom flowers and greenery. Shaping and detailing as well as adapting flower patterns to make your own unique blooms.

Class level

Beginner, Intermediate.


Pattern Making Essentials.

With CatherinMather

Two-Day Class


The focus of the class will be to translate a sketch into a flat pattern, then into a three-dimensional paper pattern ready for fitting on to figurative doll With the diversity of doll styles, students are encouraged to bring their own doll to work on, ensuring a perfect fit. I will be teaching both the French style of draping and traditional pattern making, with techniques that manipulate the bodice, sleeve and skirts enabling many variations that cross both historical eras and fantasy designs.

Class Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. No experience needed.

Can’t make it to one of our

workshop locations listed below, join our Online class.

How does it work?

Your kit with all its components will be posted to you, along with a link to our online tutorial & contact email. The tutorial is very detailed with step by step  photos and written instructions for every piece of the glitter village, that’s the advantage of on line lots of images.

     If the internet is not your thing and you would

prefer to have a printed instruction sheet

yes we can do that too!

With Catherine & Merle Mather

            Classes run

July ~ December 2016

Workshop Includes

The class includes 3 different style houses and one church, pre cut from card stock.

1 painted table with pre assembled L.E.D lighting (for houses and church), 3 Christmas Carollers,

decorative fencing, assorted Christmas trees

and coloured glitters, trims and micro beads.

Students will assemble the little pre cut houses and church, add window panes and decorate with assorted glitters. Then dress the trees with glitter, micro beads and mini diamanté.  Arranging the beautifully decorated little houses on the table is the final part of the class, then sit back and turn the lights on!


Glitter Village Workshop Price     

                $120.00 + postage

Workshop Date & Time

Location    31 Hurt Pde Unanderra

                                N.S.W 2526     

                       Ph/Fax 0242713302     


If you are interested in  holding a Glitter Village workshop at your studio  contact  Catherine  for dates and details at

[email protected]

Table Height   2¾’’~ 7 cm

Table Length  3¼’’ ~ 8.5cm

Table top to church steeple 2¾ ‘’~ 7cm

Christmas Village is displayed on a 1 /12 scale doll house table, include in workshop

Print and Dye Techniques


Miniature Fabrics

Catherine with share tips and tricks for mixing a range of readerly available dye products, achieving antique colours for dress fabrics and home furnishings. Learn how to inkjet print and hand dye fabric and flocked paper, ribbon and braid suitable for costuming, curtains, furnishing and floor rugs. Colours and patterns for different eras will be available to coordinate.

Included in the workshop:

A5 Binder notebook for adding samples and recipes during class, and 10cm Colour wheel.

Samples include silk and cotton fabric, braid, silk ribbon, feathers, flocked paper, decal paper

Techniques taught acid dyeing, instant set dye, ink jet printing mix media,

All fabrics, dyeing equipment provided

Students will need to bring small sharp scissors, glue stick ( archival), pencil, ruler and plastic apron.

Antique Style Victorian Rag Doll

The printed cotton rag doll comes pre stitched and ready to

complete for dressing. Student will dress their little  doll in

Victorian attire, pantalets,  bonnet and gown.

Finished doll is 8.5cm - 3½’’

Class includes pattern and written instructions


Price $25.00

You will need to bring small sharp scissors, needles and pins. 

Seat are Limited

Book Now

Ph 02 42713302

[email protected]

Orange Blossom Delight

Elegant 1880‘s circuit Parisian Silk Velvet Bonnet Orange blossom spray, Hatbox & Display Box

Students will need to bring along:

Sewing needles and pins, ivory sewing thread, tacky white glue (aleene’s), clear craft glue stick, small sharp scissors, small ruler, fine ball styles, 2’’ square of old mouse pad for shaping flowers small pair pliers.

All materials to complete this workshop are provided in class,

including the use of bonnet block for the length of the class

This elegant bonnet worked over a millenary block proved, will enable students to create a fashionable 1880’s circuit Parisian silk velvet bonnet. The bonnet is pre blocked in wool felt giving a strong form to apply the velvet and lining of ruched silk tulle.

Then learn the secrets of hand crafting antique style orange blossom sprays to decorate the bonnet, with additional sprays for an evening gown hem, waist and décolletage. Keep your bonnet and flower garlands safe with a pre assembled hat box and display box, ready to complete with papers and trims. Bonnet size

Art Deco Millinery

With Catherine Mather

Full Day Class


Students will learn millinery skills needed

to create two different styled Art Deco

era cloche hats. Using a provided cloche

hat block, learn traditional millinery

techniques, include shaping and blocking woven textiles, hand stitching millinery braid and creating silk and velvet flowers embellishments.

Class Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Must have basic hand sewing skills

Class Fees

What will students take away?

Students will take away two completed

cloche hats sized for a 18’’ figure. The techniques taught will enabling students to be confident creating a diverse variety of hat shapes and styles in the future.

Teacher provides:

Millinery block to work on, wire,

millinery needles and thread,selection of fabrics  flowers and trims.

Teacher will collect payment during class.

Students must bring Small sharp scissors, fine wire cutters, clear glue, white craft glue, spray atomizer hair dryer.

Class Size

Minimum 5, Maximum 10.

The Art of Shoemaking

With Catherine Mather

Full Day Class


Students will learn all the techniques needed

to create a beautiful pair of hand made, leather

Art Deco era evening shoes.

Starting with constructing a last to work their

shoes on, drafting a pattern, cutting and shaping the leather uppers, and hand modeling  

hour glass heels and shoe soles.

Shoes are sized at 2inch in length

Class Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

No experience needed.

What will students take away?

Students will take away a completed pair of

leather shoe for a 18’’ doll, along with a set

of shoe lasts The techniques taught will enabling  students to scale up or down, creating shoes in a wide range of sizes and textiles.

Teacher provides:

Set of porcelain doll feet to take home,

leather, modeling resin, beads and trims

Students must bring

Small sharp scissors, 6 inch metal ruler, craft knifeleather glue, fabric glue, soft lead pencil, rubber.

Class Size

Minimum 5, Maximum 10.

“Here comes the  Bride”

Delicately wired paper flowers and greenery cascade from this vintage style bouquet, designed to drape over the arm of a 1920's bride. Each student will assembly pre cut flowers and greenery, learn how to wire and shape orange blossom sprays, adding  details of pearl and silk ribbon trails to the bouquet. To complete the bridal theme a matching halo of orange blossom, pearl and silk ribbons will be made and displayed in a vintage style display box.

Students will need to bring a long small sharp scissors, clear craft glue, Aleens tacky glue, small ball styles, mouse mat for shaping flowers on and fine wire cutters.

Designed for a 17"- 42cm Lady doll

Workshop includes, all materials and a small box to carry your bouquet and head dress home.

Price $ 85.00

Resin  Furniture